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This time we will discuss about reincarnation and various concepts about what reincarnation actually means. We will discuss some scientific studies that support the reality of reincarnation.

Death is only one night for the soul

You have to remember that beginning and ending are realities only in our own three-dimensional living system. Even though you are an individual of free will, you are also a part of your other self. You simply don't identify with your greater self now.

Conventional reincarnation often presupposes a series of life developments.

It can often blame past lives for current problems, which lead to feelings of victimization and helplessness or are often referred to as Destiny, fate, and the like.

Therefore, many people often feel helpless in the face of innumerable previous mistakes from their previous lives.

As these ideas rob the conscious will of its power to act, you will feel relatively incompetent to deal with current physical realities, to change your environment, to influence and change your world - if you feel at the mercy of conditions you don't have. or control.

' Past life information ' is often used to reinforce current social or personal financial situations. These memories are built through current beliefs and are structured along the lines of your current belief system.

If he thinks he has to pay for his sins now, then that belief will attract memories of life that will strengthen him; it will be a very organized withdrawal, leaving everything invalid.

You are not under the punishment inflicted on you for original sin, Freud’s infant syndrome or childhood events, or the influence of past lives.

Past life experiences do affect you, like any experience, but you always have the power in the present to change, improve, or change your beliefs and situations.

You shape your reality, through the intersection of the soul in the flesh, or in your current terms your point of strength.

Multidimensional Simultaneous Reincarnation

When you think in terms of reincarnation, it seems that one life existed before another, but all reincarnated lives exist simultaneously.

They don't grow linearly over time, but they do grow out of who you really are.

Your soul, or entity, is a very individual spiritual energy. It shapes whatever body you are wearing now.

Take it for granted that you are indeed multidimensional; you can only experience so many of your own experiences at one time because of the characteristics of physical beings.

There are other expressions of yourself, interacting, but with each self aware of having a strength point in its own present.

Every reincarnated self is born as a being in the flesh, just like you.

Each has its own ' strength point ', or successive moments in which it manifests everyday existence in a linear fashion from all the probabilities available to it.

Through your current beliefs, you can in your own time and space draw tendencies toward certain experiences that are shared by others.

There is constant interaction within these multidimensional power points, so that in terms, one incarnate self draws from all others what abilities it desires, according to its specific local beliefs.

Overall, you and your other selves often choose the same type of challenge, albeit in different ways.

Your simultaneous self-adventures appear as imprints in your own consciousness as daydream ideas or interrupted images, or sometimes a sudden intuition. They can be drawn to help you understand the current problem.

In every life you choose and make your own arrangement or environment. You choose your parents and whatever childhood incident happened in your experience. You wrote the script.

The conscious self forgets all this, so when tragedy strikes in the script, difficulties or challenges, the conscious self looks for someone or something to blame.

Based on octaves, the eightfold spiritual path is undertaken by the soul to reach the highest level of the Self. Each soul is reincarnated to experience a certain path in life according to its evolutionary needs…then, it chooses to experience being blind, bullied, poor, rich, loyal, generous, and so on, but always according to a certain path. If the soul does not reach its goal in one life, it can repeat the process.

For example, you are in 7 different centuries at once.

What is really happening, is that the energy of your being is impinging on the seven moment points into a three-dimensional system. At each of these points what appears to be an isolated life is experienced. Just beyond these intersections there is a more or less unity and overall acknowledgment of the wholeness that 'rests' on it. You may believe your present existence with all its capabilities and challenges is the result of that past life, but both exist at the same time. Your beliefs and actions in the present change your reincarnated self experience, because each one of them, changes your experience.

If you see all of these reincarnated selves as a single entity, this becomes very natural. The whole self is transformed by all its understanding. The present self does not exist in isolation. In miniature, each day contains in its own way, clues to all your own simultaneous existence.

Each contains another aspect of your identity within you right now – some very obvious, others almost invisible. A vague longing for a certain accomplishment may be a sign that the necessary characteristics were inherent but untrained in the person you know today. In its own way, the 24-hour period represents all life and many lives in one. Each self reflects its 'reincarnation' or simultaneous self every day.

More about Reincarnation

Knowing your reincarnation background, but not knowing your current true nature is pointless.

You cannot justify or rationalize your current situation by saying, " This is because of something I did in a past life ", because within you now there is the ability to change negative influences.

You may bring a negative influence into your life for a reason, but the reason always has to do with understanding, and understanding removes that influence.

You can't say, “ Poor people are poor just because they chose poverty, and therefore I don't need to help them. “This attitude can easily attract poverty to you in subsequent experiences.

Very close friends from past lives, who are in a position to do so, often communicate with you in a dream state, and the relationship continues even though you are not consciously aware of it.

Subconsciously, you are aware of the birth into the physical life of someone you have known in the past. The strangers you meet in your dreams are often people now living – contemporaries – whom you have known in past lives.

The Period Between Rest and Voting

' Life between lives ' or ' time of rest and choice ' involves more than a simple decision to live another physical life.

There is a period between – between incarnations where many issues are considered.

The period in between is where you rest in a parallel metaphysical reality, the Space-Time realm. Here you will decide the unique way in which reincarnation will be useful. All things considered. Appropriate preparations are made.

Planning is part of experience and development. You make friends and acquaintances during this break that you meet again and again, and only occasionally between lives. With them, you can discuss your experiences during your reincarnation cycle. There are teachers there to help who are in their own cycle.

The timing of choosing depends on the conditions and circumstances of the individual after the transition from physical life. This may happen immediately, or it may be delayed for a longer period of time while spiritual training is being carried out.

Some took longer than others to understand the situation. Some may need to be released from blocking ideas and symbols.

The main obstacle that stands in the way of choosing is, of course, the wrong ideas that each individual harbors.

Limiting Faith

We cover a lot of these topics about limiting religious beliefs. Some ideas are discussed as below:


Some will refuse to accept the idea of ​​further work, development, and challenge, believing instead that a conventional paradise situation is the only possibility.

For some time they may actually inhabit such an environment, until they learn through their own experience that existence demands development, and such a paradise would be sterile, boring, and even 'deadly'.

A non-obsessive belief in heaven can be used as a useful framework, as a base of operations on which an individual will often accept with ease the new explanations that will be offered.


Some may insist that because of their transgressions they will be thrown into hell and because of the strength of such beliefs they may for some time actually face such conditions.

In both cases there is always a teacher available – they try to get past this false belief.

This state usually does not last during the state of heaven. However, both circumstances delay the time to choose and the next existence.

In all cases, the individual creates his experience. There is no particular place, situation, or condition separated after physical death in which each particular personality must have experience.


Suicide has no specific 'punishment' imposed on them. They are treated as individuals. Any problems not faced in this life, however, will be faced in another life. This does not only apply to cases of suicide.

Sexual Identification

Progress can also be hampered by overly strong identification with sexual characteristics. If one considers identity strongly in terms of male or female identity, then that person may refuse to accept the fact of the sexual changes that occur in the existence of reincarnation.

This kind of sexual identification also hinders personality development during physical life.


Judgment can be a useful framework, because even if no punishment is handed down, the individual is prepared for some kind of spiritual examination and evaluation (life review).


Belief in demons is very unfavorable after death and during physical life.


Systematic opposing theology is detrimental. If you believe, for example, that all good must be balanced by evil, then you are tying yourself into a very limiting system of reality, and within it contains the seeds of great torment.

In such a system, even good is suspect, for the same evil is seen to follow. God-against-demon, angel-against-demon – the gulf – all these distortions are obstacles.

In an attempt to understand its physical existence, the intellect has prepared these opposite factors. Intellect says, "If there is good, there must be evil", because it wants things to be explained in a neat package.

If something goes up, there must be something down. There must be a balance. The inner self, however, recognizes that in much larger terms evil is simply ignorance, that "up" and "bottom" are neat terms applied to such directionless spaces.

However, such strong belief in opposing forces is very detrimental, because it prevents understanding of the facts of inner unity and oneness, interconnection and cooperation.

Faith, therefore, obsessive belief in such opposing factors, is perhaps the most detrimental element, not only after death but during any existence.

Simply put, belief in good without belief in evil may seem very unrealistic to you. This belief, however, becomes a kind of insurance that you can have, both during your physical life and after.

Positive Confidence

Those who truly understand that reality is self-created will have little difficulty. Those who have learned to operate in a dream state will have a great advantage.

Choices to make

In every life, you choose and make your own arrangement or environment. Remember, you choose your parents and whatever childhood incident happened in your experience. You wrote the script. The conscious self forgets all this, so when tragedy strikes in the script, difficulties or challenges, the conscious self looks for someone or something to blame.

Some choose to isolate various characteristics, such as intelligence or emotional development. These abilities are then studied thoroughly by the entire personality, both aspects of the benefits and aspects of harm are carefully weighed.

By denying themselves, say, intellectual development in a given life, personalities also learn the value and purpose of what they lack. In choosing times, personalities decide the way in which they will develop in their next incarnation.

Some choose to progress at an easier rate and in a more balanced way and even meet again and again with people they know in other lives.

Some choose to progress in explosive ways.

Some choose to isolate certain creative abilities – and these may come up again and again – they may be angry, used in various combinations, but overall remain the strongest personality and unique traits.

Some enjoy the presence of women; some prefer the life of men – both have to be faced, but there are plenty of options and activities. There are no rules that determine sexual development in the various incarnations, except that experience with both sexes must be taken, and various characteristics developed. This doesn't mean that an equal number of male and female lives have to be lived – some people find it much easier to develop as one gender or the other, and will need more opportunities to experience the gender they struggle with.

Some issues may be delayed for some existence; some want to solve their strongest problems and solve them, perhaps in a series of somewhat trying existences and redundant circumstances.

Some will take their problems one by one. Time off can be taken and very therapeutic – for example, an excellent and fulfilling life with minimum problems can be chosen as the start of a life of concentrated challenges or as a self-adopted reward for a previous difficult life.

In this time of rest and choice, all advice is given. There is no time schedule, but it is not uncommon to wait more than three centuries before reincarnating, as this makes orientation very difficult and emotional ties to earth have weakened.

Some are reincarnated 'too soon', or before they are suggested – this is usually unfortunate in the short term, but fortunate in the long run, having learned many great lessons from the “mistakes”.

The relationship must be resolved. This involves telepathic communication with everyone who will be involved.

Some are loners and reincarnated with no great feelings for this period of Earth's history.

Some like to go back when their contemporaries from some time in past history come back again. There are many patterns of groups with reincarnation in which many, but not all, are involved.

There is a personal cycle where reincarnated families take on different relationships with one another.

Some choose to "walk all the way" and specialize in physical existence - they move through all kinds of races, have a strong preoccupation with historical periods - they go back in time to as much history as possible, helping to shape the world you know.

Predetermination is never involved, because challenges and circumstances are chosen.

The reincarnation structure is only one facet in the overall probability picture. In it you have as much time as you need, to develop the potentials that you must develop, before leaving the existence of reincarnation.

There is no soul transfer, where one's entire personality 'returns' as an animal. However, reincarnation exists in all species (humans, animals, plants, minerals).

Evidence of reincarnation is quite available. There are enough examples, known and tabulated, to make a good case; and alongside this there is psychological evidence that remains invisible in your personal life, because you have been taught not to concentrate in that direction.

There is enough evidence to build a very good case for life after death. All of this involves hands-on experience—the episodes, faced by the individual, that strongly support the after-death hypothesis; but hypotheses are never taken seriously by your established science.

There is far more evidence for reincarnation and life after death than, for example, for the existence of black holes. Few people have seen black holes, to make a statement, while many have had personal reincarnation experiences, or encounters that demonstrate the survival of the personality after death.

Those experiences are common. They have been revealed from people of all kinds and at all ages, and they represent the kind of common sense knowledge favored by those of educated universities.

Veil of Ignorance during Incarnation

The personality we enjoy in a conscious state is only a small part of our eternal identity. Much of who we really are is veiled from us. An immutable identity, like an actor offstage – can remember all his past, but once he takes on a personality, as an actor takes on a role, then he is prevented by the protective provisions of nature from remembering anything, except the sum total or the principles that have been learned previously.

If we are consciously aware of the existence of the Logos [ Galactic Mind ] and the grand design for the evolution of our souls, we will learn nothing. The veil of ignorance makes it difficult, but certainly not impossible, for us to see the truth.

The primary cover is so important that it can be seen as analogous to the Earth's mantle above all the gems in the Earth's crust; whereas previously all aspects of the Creator were consciously known. After the veil, almost no side of the Creator is known to the mind. Almost everything is buried under the veil.

Without the veil, the mind is not trapped in your illusory time. With the veil of space/time is the only obvious possibility for experience.

On the list of significant hidden functions of the mind is dreaming. The so-called dreams contain many things, which if available to the conscious mind and used will greatly assist it in polarization (spiritual evolution).

Another important function of the mind which is significant and has been veiled is the function of knowing the body. Knowledge and control of the body, much of which has been lost in this process, is thus lost from the experience of the seeker. His knowledge before it was covered had little benefit. His knowledge once obscured, and in the face of what is now a solid illusion of separation of the body complex from the mind complex, was quite significant.

Your body is a physical mirror of your psychological state. It is powered by the energy of the universe. It really pops up every time. Your mind and body come from the same source, from universal energy. You are empowered with vitality. You have to find meaning in your life. When you lose your sense of meaning in life, for whatever reason, it is reflected in your body. Your body is changed biologically by your mind.

Perhaps the most important and significant function that occurs because the veil of mind is of itself is not a function of the mind itself, but is a product of the potential created by this veil. This is the ability of pure desire or desire.