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Uma is Shiva's consort, representing Prakriti (matter). The destructive power must always be associated with the destructible material in order for this power to be realized. In other words, destruction no longer has any meaning without a destructible object. Therefore, Shiva has chosen Uma to be his partner.

Gods and goddesses are the first self-revelation of the Absolute, man is the personification of the passive aspect and woman, the activating energy ( Shakti ). Goddess Parvati (Uma) represents this Universal Power ( Shakti ). Um a and Parvati are his girl's names; and Mrudani and Ambika are his post-marital names.

The Goddess is also referred to as Annapurna which means 'Feeder of Food' ' Anna ', although translated as 'food', has a broader connotation and includes all material things/wealth, which is food for the five sense organs. The Goddess has all kinds of 'food' to offer to her devotees.

The three Goddesses together are represented by the fierce looking Goddess  Durga  or Kali . He is shown in a terrifying form. Kali is worshiped by a seeker to invoke the latent destructive power and thereby destroy all his negative tendencies and qualities that cover his Higher Self.

Durga  manifests itself from Mahavidya , unrestrained by the body of Gods glorified in the Vedas , the unrestrained, wild and restless energy of the cosmos. 

Brahmi comes out of Brahma's body and rides a goose holding the scriptures of wisdom and the melodious Veena (musical instrument) in his hands. Some worship her as Saraswati

From Indra rides Indrani , rides an elephant and carries Lightning. Kumari rises from Kumara or Kartikeya on a peacock. From Vishnu rides Vaishnavi riding an Eagle with a spinning disc on his finger. Narasimhi comes out of Narasimha riding a raging lion. From Varaha comes Varahi , a pig with sharp tusks. Finally Sivani or Sambhavi comes out of Shiva riding a bull carrying a trident remembering him as Rudra of the Vedas .

7 This Sakti became a frightening creature. They rose into the sky and merged with each other in a dazzling power of light. From the heavenly light emerged a beautiful, seductive yet serene Goddess. The gods watched him with admiration and respect. They knew him before as dark Kali in his Tamasic form . Mother Kali conquered the domination of darkness and ignorance prevailing in the world in that role. In her form as Durga, she is red and white. Dewi is concerned with the growing ego (which is Rajas and hues red ) in the world. He not only wanted to get rid of that evil power but also wanted to take care of those loyal to him whoSaatvic (the Saatvic trait is represented by white) naturally.

The number seven is very important in the Upanishads . It may be interesting to know that the sacrificial fire ( Sapta-archishaha ) totaled seven represent the seven Sakti mentioned above. These are Aahavaneeaya, Gaarhapatya, Dakshinaagni, Sabhya, Avasthya, Prajaahita and Agnidhreeyaa

Agni is also supposed to show himself as the seven fires ( sapta-jihva ), the so-called tongues of fire symbolizing the tongues of the Seven Ways . These are: Kali, Karali, Manojava, Sulohita, Sudhumravarna, Sphulangini and Visvaruchi  who are terrible, have the speed of thought, are very red, are colored like thick smoke, emit sparks and have innumerable sparks. Kali gets its name from one of the black flames. Primordial energy contemplated as fire.

Sapta praanaah prabhavanti tasmaat saptaarchishah samidhah sapta jihvaah |
Sapta ime loke yeshu charanti praanaah guhaasayaan-nihitaah sapta-sapta ||
From the Supreme Principle are born the seven sense organs, the seven fires, the seven sacrificial sticks (used in the Yajna), and the seven fires, and these seven worlds in which the moving sense organs are kept by the creator in groups of seven and seven.

The Seven Ways joined together to become a beautiful goddess who would not submit to the authority of humans, beasts or gods, let alone demons. That is the need of today to get rid of the great evil and darkness that threatens the world. 

She reveals to the confused and terrified that she is Durga , the inaccessible, Prakriti , the substance that gives form and identity to all things, Sakti , the power that enables all living things to feel, act and react and Maya , the delusion that makes life possible. captivating yet elusive. 

The gods saluted him and implored him to immediately resolve their problems and worries, for Siva in his moment of weakness made the demon Mahishasura (the black bull tamasa) invincible to any of them. 

Durga says; "Give me your weapon and I will destroy him who even tries to dominate me". 

Shiva gave his Trisula, Vishnu gave his Disc and Gadanya, Indra gave his Lightning, Kumara gave his Spear, Brahma gave his Bow (Brahmastra). Then Durga, riding a lion given by Narasimha, defeated the demon and brought happiness for all and peace for the world.

Durga defeats the demonic forces in the war, which culminates in the death of Mahishasura . For a yoga practitioner, this is an allegory of kundalini shakti that destroys the basic instincts of Tamasic and emerges as the winner over lethargy, ignorance and lethargy, of which a buffalo is a perfect living example.  

With the name Kanyakumar i, and decided to remain Kanya (unmarried girl for all time) and to live a life without attachments but active participation. 

People adore her as Durga and consider her more accommodating, ready in moments of trouble and during their happy hours than Mother Kali .

People paying homage to Durga sang her glory with Durga Gayatri.

Kaatyaayanaaya vidmahe kanyakumaari dheemahi tannoe Durgihi prachoedayaat ||
We meditate on Durga who belongs to Kaatyaayan Gotra, and who is a brilliant girl. May Durga encourage us (in all our deeds and thoughts).

Mahisamardini Durga

The Supreme Goddess is worshiped in various forms. Her popularity as Mahadev i or Mahasuri (great goddess) has never waned even after thousands of years. Durga multiplies her manifestations for a specific purpose, thus earning her lasting popularity.

Abundant archaeological remains and loose statues from different periods are scattered throughout the country, many stories highlighting the exploitation of its miraculous powers. Her abundant representation in art and her emergence from the combined energies of the gods (according to Puranic records) demonstrate her ancient antiquity and her widespread celebrity as the mother of the world.

Some scholars have traced its origins to the pre-Vedic period. According to experts, in primitive society, the whole culture was centered around the mother, who was the symbol of the generation and the true producer of life. In social evolution, motherhood is highly respected, the mother as the controlling figure of religion.

In the Upanishads , the concept of Brahman is associated with Sakti , the feminine personification of the universal life force. 
The story of Durga's battle with the asura Mahisa , which resulted in the final annihilation of the asura , is recorded in several texts, which further popularized this mythical event by giving various names to Mahadevi. Matsya Purana, Varaha Purana, Devi Bhagavati Purana, Skanda Purana, Kalika Purana, Padma Purana , etc. all of them record the story by inserting interesting anecdotes, thus highlighting the greatness of Mahadevi
He is given many names in  different Puranas so that in the course of time, the nomenclature of Durga became associated with one hundred and eight major and as many as one thousand minor Pithas .

The writers of Devi Mahatmya highlight Durga's power and supremacy . According to the description contained in the Kenopanisad , the great goddess manifested herself into a number of gods, thus describing her potential in comparison to them.

The Sakta Upanishads elevate the status of Devi in ​​a philosophical grasp. The Devi Upanishad recounts the personification of Shakti Durga as Mahalaxmi, Saraswati and Vaishnavi as Brahma Swarupini . Durga is here described as Mahavidya, Viswarupini shining like the Morning Sun, liberating his devotees from the sufferings of worldly life with all their desires.

In the Mahabharata , the name Durga is mentioned along with the names of different goddesses in the hymns addressed by Arjuna in the form of prayers to the goddesses Kumari, Kali, Kapali, Bhadra Kali, Kandi, Kanda, Tarini, Katyayani, Durga etc. Described as embellished with different gems and weapons. Yudhisthira's call to Goddess Durga gives a clear picture of her as the goddess of war, depicted as four-faced, four-armed, and holding strings, bows, arrows, and disks in her hands.

Durga embodies in her the integral character of the mother goddess and is known by various names such as Kalyani, Chandika, Kali, Chamunda, Kousiki, Satakshi, Sakambari, Mahisamardini, Vindhyavasini, Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, and MahaDurga.

Meaning of Durga

Goddess is celebrated in every form, aspect and quality, through music, art, rituals, mantras and meditation. He is revered in women, Earth, nature and transcendence beyond all expressions. His cult is full of splendor, joy, mystery and wonder.

The Goddess is Shakti , which means power, the resort of all transformative energies and catastrophic forces which cannot be comprehended by mere human logic. 

Durga is the Mother of the universe from whom arose the creation, sustenance, and destruction of all beings and all worlds. He is Chit-Shakti , the power of consciousness, from which the cosmos merges as matter, life, and mind.

Durga's Power

Durga means he who brings through all difficulties. He is the divine energy that protects the soul from duality, adversity and opposition, known and unknown. As Durga-Tara she ushers us across the turbulent sea of ​​ignorance to another shore that shines beyond all darkness. He carries through all dangers like a ship across the sea, as Vedic chants reverberate poetically.

Durga emerges from agni , our inner flame of eternal life, awakening our motivation for ultimate happiness. He is born of the power of tapas , the heartfelt concentration of our aspirations towards eternal truth. He is the spiritual fire on Earth that removes all impurities so that the soul shines. The lion represents the mighty power of the sun which illuminates all existence.

Durga  gives us transformative knowledge that takes us to a higher level of existence beyond all that we previously thought possible. He is the Yoga Shakti residing in the heart that opens to the bright light of Self-realization, the revealing of the true divine nature that stands above all time, space and karma. Kundalini Shakti appears and works within through the power of  Durga

The sword of  Durga  is the source of all the powers of the dharma rulers at the spiritual and mundane levels. He commands celestial armies and earthly comrades who fight for truth and justice in society. Arjuna went to  Durga  for his blessing before consulting Sri Krishna on the battlefield. Sri Krishna confirms to him Durga's message   of fearless determination in the face of adharma.

However we cannot in our human nature use Durga's sword  . We have to bring out the Shiva consciousness within us to do so. We have to give in to him and let him direct us, taking on the role of his worshipper. All weapons, both material and spiritual, must first be offered to  Durga , so that we may use them wisely, without any pride or pity in their application.

As Mahishasura Mardini, Durga killed Mahishasura , the personification of ignorance, darkness and tamas. 

Vijaya Dashami was the tenth day of his glorious victory, after displaying his nine extraordinary beings , ending with Siddhidatri , the aspect of his highest blessing that bestows all awards and achievements.

Durga and the future of the people on Earth

Durga  as a divine mother can guide mankind to a new era of peace and happiness. But he did so by first removing the powers of darkness, not by compromising with them, let alone by comforting or calming them. 

Kali emerges as an aspect of self -defense, dissolving old ingrained karma, the coercion of attachment that binds us to adharma , to open up new creations.

Today we have to restore Durga's strength   to face our mounting global crisis. This requires us to revive its dharma and yoga traditions which honor the Goddess as the inner guide. 

Honoring  Durga  means empowering women in the social and political world and in the inner realms of yoga and spirituality. This necessitates protecting the Earth, not only through wise ecological practices but also by uncovering the hidden spiritual destiny on our long forgotten magical planet.

The awakening of the Durga shakti within requires us to fearlessly and relentlessly challenge the forces of darkness, including our own weakness of will that allows us to tolerate or forgive negativity and corruption. 

His teachings of yoga and meditation have brought great changes to the world's minds. Yet there remains the tyrannical Mahishasura of greed, violence, arrogance and fanaticism which must be removed to allow the higher powers to be fully realized.

Durga as the eternal Shakti and the Supreme Mother descends to dispel the shadows of falsehood in our struggling worldly realm, so that our planet may be full of light and happiness for all innumerable beings!

Durga Suktam

  • Sunvam Sommaratiyato Nidahati Vedas from Jatveda:
  • स नः परषदति दुर्गाणी विश्वा नावेव सिंधुं दुरितातात्यग्निः
Om Jatavedase sunavamaso mamarati yatonidahati vedah,
Sanah parshadati durgani vishva naveva sindhum duritatyagnih.
We make offerings to the Fire of Durga to cross this very difficult ocean of worldly life.

  • Tamagnivarnam Tapasa Jvalanti Vairochanim Karmaphaleshu Jushtam
  • durgan devisaranamaham prapadye sutrasi tarse namah
Tamagnivarnam tapasa jvalantim vairochanim karmaphaleshhu jushtam,
Durgam devi sharanamaham prapadye sutarasitarase namah.
I take refuge in the Fire -colored Goddess Durga, who is blazing with her tapas (spiritual fire), who is the queen of Virochana (the Supreme Being) and who is the giver of the fruit of deeds. Respect to You who are experts in transporting people across the rivers of the World. Glad to escort us across.

  • Agne Twan Paraya Navyo Asman Swastibhirati Durgani Vishwa
  • Pusch Prithvi Bahula Na Urvi Bhava Tokay Tanayaya Shanyo: 
Agne tvam paaraya navyo asman svastibhiriti durgani vishva,
Pushcha prithvi bahula na urvi bhava tokaya tanayaya shamyoh.
Agni, to be grateful for, led us through all obstacles through safe paths. May our cities and lands flourish. Make our children happy.

  • Vishwani no Durgaha Jatveda: Sindhu na nava Duritatiparshi. Fire
  • अत्रिवन्मनसा गृणानोस्माकं बोध्यविता तनूनाम्
Vishvani no durgaha jatavedassindhunna nava duritatiparshi,
agne atrivanmanasa grinanoasmakam bodhayitva tanunamh.
Thou Jataveda, who removes obstacles, leads us beyond all evils like a boatman transporting people across a river. Agni, may you be the protector of our body like Atri who always cares about the well -being of all beings.

  • Pritnajitam sahmanmugragni huvem paramatsadhisthat.
  • S nah parsadati durgani vishwa kshamaddevo ati duritatyagni:
Pritanajitagm sahamanamugramagnigm huvema paramatsadhasthath,
Sa nah parshadati durgani vishvakshamadevo atiduritatyagnih.
Let us invoke, from the highest place, Agni the conqueror of the enemy host, who is strong and invincible. May Agni protect us from all obstacles and evil.

  • Pratnoshi Comedo Adhwareshu Sanach Hota Navyashch Satsi
  • swan chagne tanuam piprayaswasamhyam f saubhagamayajasva
Pratnoshhikamidyo adhvareshu sannachcha hota navyascha satsi
Svanchagne tanuvam piprayasvasmabhyam cha saubhagamayajasva.
Agni praises in sacrifice, you increase happiness. You are the ancient and the new begging for sacrifice. Agni, make yourself happy and give us prosperity.

  • Gobhirjushtamayujo nishiktam tavendra visnoranusancharem
  • This is the Madhyantam of the Vaishnavite people of Nakasya page
Gobhirjushhtamayujonishhiktan tavendra vishhnoranusamcharema,
Naakasya prishhthamabhisamvasano vaishhnavim loka iha madayantamh.
Indra, encompassing everything! We will follow you blessed with cattle and unbroken happiness. May those who live in the heights of heaven bring the world of Vishnu here.

  • Katyayanay Vidmahe Kanyakumari Dheemah Tanno Durgih Prachodayat
Om katyayanaya vidmahe kanyakumari dhimahi tanno durgih prachodayat..
We will try to get to know Katyayani, we will do some contemplation about Kanyakumari may Durga be pleased to guide us.

  • Peace Peace Peace
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti.