{hinduloka} $title={Table Content} Relationship between Human Energy Field and Nature

In pranic healing, an informed practitioner of pranic energy will have a comprehensive understanding of the various terrains of the earth, which impact every area of ​​life, including our health. 

Everyone can train himself to sense and effectively manage his energy system – things like seeing auras, doing divination, spiritual healing and psychic protection against enemy energy entities, provided he understands the principles behind energy systems and how to develop and manage it. There is no mystery surrounding the innate gifts we are born with, but over time have neglected and lost them.

By developing our sensitivity to energy, we gain the ability to manage it, and the more we work on it, the closer we are on the path to achieving oneness with nature.

As we all know, the Earth is surrounded by a large magnetic field. This field is generated by the movement of molten metal in the Earth's core, but is also affected by radiation flowing from the sun and other sources in the solar system. 

The resulting magnetosphere extends thousands of miles into space. We are electromagnetic beings and, as such, are connected to each other within it by this field. 

Hundreds of clinical studies show that the magnetosphere, as well as other natural energies, affects our health, positively or negatively. Earth's erratic electromagnetic energy has the potential to cause cancer, heart problems, mental imbalances, insomnia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autoimmune deficiencies, and more. Such research has resulted in new health treatments including those using magnetism, minerals, oxygen therapy, electricity, and even dietary changes such as those recommended by Ayurvedic, Yoga and Meditation to establish a balance in the human energy body that is out of balance with the earth's field.

The following is a brief overview of Earth's actual or measured fields, including electromagnetic fields and other so-called bioenergy active fields, or fields that create natural signals that strongly affect bioenergetic (biological and energetic) beings, such as humans. 

Sometimes known as the geopathic field is the energy field within the earth's main electromagnetic field, or magnetosphere, including: Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared radiation, Visible light, Ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, Gamma rays and T-rays (terahertz radiation) ). 

Earth's active bioenergy fields are:

1. Schumann waves, basic waveforms created by the ionosphere that surrounds the earth. These waves vibrate to the main harmonic of 7.83 hertzian, the same frequency that is in the main control center of the human brain. This frequency also correlates with high theta brain waves, which energy healing suggests, opening us into the brain states necessary for energy healing.

2. Geomagnetic waves, or vibrations originating from 64 trace elements in the earth's crust, which affect the earth's magnetic field. The same element is present in human red blood cells.

3. Solar waves,  wavelengths produced by the sun, including acoustic or sound waves, electromagnetic radiation, and gravitational waves. Many studies show that we are affected by this solar output.

4. Sound waves, which are scientifically defined as vibrations that pass through an object or material. Waves are actually created when sound hits a barrier and the impact creates vibrations. We hear sound when the sound hits an object and the air around it vibrates. In turn, vibrating air causes the eardrum (or other parts of our body) to vibrate, and the brain interprets these vibrations as sound. We are greatly affected by sound waves, both harmful and beneficial. Serving as a bridge between the earth's true and smooth terrain are scalar waves. These longitudinal waves travel faster than the speed of light, thus providing a mechanism for instant communication.

The fine fields of the earth are:

1. Ley lines , lines of electromagnetic energy on or within the earth. Some people believe that these lines are man-made, created by man-made rock formations that generate stored power. So people naturally build at these points to harness the power of the earth.

2. Hartmann grid, a network of naturally charged lines on earth that runs from north to south at a distance of about two meters and east to west about two and a half meters. They can send energy upwards as high as 600 feet. Alternative paths are usually positively and negatively charged, and energetic difficulties arise at intersections. Between these geometric lines is the neutral zone.

3. Benker's Cubic System, consisting of energy lines that are about ten meters apart, so that they look like square blocks stacked on top of each other. They are magnetically aligned north to south and east to west. This energy wall is polarized alternatively. Crossroads are considered dangerous for the human immune system.

4. The Curry Grid, which is based on the idea that the earth is covered with a mystical force field. The grid consists of energy lines that cross at regular distances. The junctions produce radiation spots that can be beneficial or harmful and can be detected by dowsing. The lines are about three meters apart, diagonal to the poles, and run east to west.

5. The black line, or naturally generated earth energy that does not form a network like a network and is a localized pool of lethal energy. They can be curved or straight. Also called black flows, they are sometimes thought to be caused by underground running water and geological fault lines. Their strength is intensified during solar storms and lightning strikes, as well as by other factors. Its poison and poison effects can spread through steel constructions, such as girders, and can even flow upwards to the upper levels of a building.

Relationship between Human Energy and Earth Energy

Between the human energy field and the earth's energy field is a special energetic link called Vivaxis. It can be described as a point or ball of energy that connects a person to his place of birth (the place on earth where the person's mother spent the last few weeks of her pregnancy). 

No matter how far the person can move from this place, Vivaxis keeps connecting them to this place. Formed from magnetic waves.

Vivaxis operates like an invisible two-way umbilical cord, connecting us to the earth throughout our bodies. The energies of the planets and the earth affect our bodies through the vivaxis, even determining the flow of prana through the veins.

Human Energy Field

Just as the earth has a measured and smooth field, so do you and I. First, it is important to know that these fields, although they appear to surround the human body, also penetrate it. The fields don't stop at the skin. They are energies that move through all mediums of the body including skin and body tissues. Most likely, this subtle field determines the nature and health of our entire being. 

They interact not only with chakras and meridians, but like all real and subtle earth fields, they also respond to everything inside and outside of us. It often passes energy from what we call the inside to the outside, and vice versa. 

In fact, science confirms that disease and healing can be detected in the subtle plane before manifesting in the physical body. 

Every cell in the body and every thought generates a field. Each meridian and chakra pulsed in its own field.


Universal Light Field

The universal light field, also called the zero-point field, consists of photons or light units that govern every living thing. 

Our DNA is made of light, and we are surrounded by a light field, forming a microcosm and a macrocosm that dances together. 

Basically, we are "frozen light," or biophoton machines. Through the zero-point field, we are interconnected in a non-local reality that permeates the cosmos. Non-local reality is an unmediated, unmitigated, and direct reality. 

This means that events can occur through unknown forces, that the strength of an event is independent of the proximity of the forces, and that changes can occur instantaneously, regardless of the distance between the force, the event, and us. Many physicists have concluded that reality is indeed nonlocal, because two particles, once in contact, can be separated but interact even at great distances.

L-Field and T-Field

The L-plane is the plane of life, the subtle physical plane that is measured electrically. The T-plane is the mind plane. Each provides a blueprint and design for a different side of reality. 

They represent the dualistic nature of life as we know it as the yin-yang  of Oriental philosophy, Shiva and Shakti of Hinduism. They also represent electric and magnetic frequencies, the two sides of matter that combine to create the electromagnetic radiation that constantly bathes and nourishes us.

Bidang Morphogenetics

In biology, the morphogenetic field is the subtle field that connects a group of cells that create a particular structure or organ of the body. For example, the heart plane becomes cardiac tissue. 

The morphogenetic field (also known as the morphological field) allows the exchange between like-minded species and the transfer of information from one generation to another. It penetrates the aura as well as the body's electrical system.

Ether field

Since the word etheric is often used in place of the term subtle or aura, the description needs to be expanded a bit. There is actually an independent etheric field around every vibrating unit of life, from a cell to a plant to a person. 

The term etheric is a derivative of the word ether, which has been considered a medium that permeates space, transmits transverse energy waves. Transverse waves are waves that only pass through materials whose particles are closely related. (Water waves and light waves are examples of transverse waves.) 

When associated with the entire auric field, the etheric field surrounds the entire body and serves as a blueprint for the human physical body.

As a separate energy body, the etheric body connects the physical body with other subtle bodies and, as such, serves as a matrix for physical growth. 

The etheric body existed before the cell grew. Other studies confirm that the same is true for the auric field, showing that it penetrates every particle of the physical body and acts as a matrix. 

The etheric body and the meridians, indicating that the meridians are the interface between the etheric body and the physical body. The etheric body creates the meridians, which in turn make up the physical body. 

There is also an etheric field for the soul. Each of our etheric planes governs various mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical functions. The list of independent etheric fields, although these are separate etheric fields, all affect the human body.

The human energy field, which consists primarily of the aura, is a set of energy bands that have passed in frequency and color as they move out of the body. 

Each of these auric fields opens to a different energy field and energy body, and also partners with the chakras, thereby enabling the exchange of information between the external and internal worlds. 

Some esoteric specialists believe there are seven layers of aura; others insist there are eight or nine. 

Scientists have investigated and confirmed the existence of the aura, the field that surrounds our entire body, adding to the knowledge that our ancestors had. Aura has been known by many names in different cultures. 

So what is an aura field? 

Our auric field, consisting of up to twelve layers, extends outward from the physical body indefinitely. There are indications that the auric field is actually made of electromagnetic radiation (specifically magnetism) and antimatter that allows the transfer of energy between this world and another. 

This antimatter is commonly used in energy healing through the use of intention and will. 

When a practitioner transmits healing energy remotely based on intention, awareness and power of energy, either through direct or remote healing, that energy is sent, like an instant message sent over the Internet, to another individual's energy field.