{hinduloka} $title={Table Content} The Soul Code of the Core of Personality

Soul codes are your internal programs, some of which are under your control, and the rest are in auto pilot.

Your soul code survives the changes in your life and continues through the years, accumulating many experiences and perceptions through your actions and interactions. With it, it consolidates itself, and exerts its influence not only on your general surface consciousness but also on the world and others who fall into its sphere of influence, which may be limited or broad, depending on how you succeed or fail in life.

According to some spiritual beliefs and traditions, everyone is born with a certain destiny or soul imprint, created by their actions in previous lives. It is the sum of their main thoughts, intentions, and desires, manifested in their consciousness or core personality, as their life blueprint or inner life script. 

Each persona carries the burden of his past in that blueprint and uses it as a starting point in this life.

You don't have to believe in it, unless you have your own worldview and belief in the immortality of the soul. However, even if you are a realist or a rationalist, you know that you were born with a certain genetic code, which determines many aspects of your personality and behavior. You may inherit physical and mental qualities and traits from your parents and ancestors, whether you like them or not. You will not be able to cope with most of these behaviors and attitudes, because they are ingrained in your personality. You have to live with them or learn to deal with them in your own smart way. If you are smart, you can use it to your advantage or minimize its impact.

Everyone is unique in some way. Everyone can be distinguished from others in many ways. Without a clear identity, it is even difficult to live in today's world. The uniqueness or difference arises from individuality, which is owned by each person and which in turn is a reflection of the 'code of the soul'. 

The consciousness at the center of everything that happens to you or is made possible by you is the code of your soul. It may be an expression of your core personality, or it may have a connection to your soul. That, we do not know clearly.

Everyone is born with individuality, soul identity or with a certain soul code. 

It is further shaped and colored by the experiences one has in life. You have to pay attention and understand them, so that you can become very aware of your own thoughts, goals, and actions. You will realize how you create your own reality and your life story by focusing on certain aspects and ignoring the rest according to your judgments, beliefs, and circumstances.

Much of our waking consciousness consists of our surface impressions, learned behaviors, conditioned thoughts and beliefs. A consistent and habitual part becomes an integral part of a person's core personality, thereby helping him to navigate through life with certain views, values, morals, beliefs and attitudes. Sometimes, it helps, but other times it can be a problem when it interferes with a person's thinking, attitude and behavior.

Therefore, let us redefine our previous definition of the code of the soul as the part within each person that is governed and shaped by a certain internal program, which is relatively persistent and consistent and does not easily change or disappear. The program may be partly hidden in your subconscious and partly in your waking consciousness. It may also be responsible for your impulsive and emotional behavior that you may not have direct control over.

For transformation or improvement to occur in your life, you must focus on that part of your personality. You have to recognize that you are basically, behind the mask and appearance you put on in the world, and behind the name, form and status by which others recognize you from behind their own mask. To achieve success or change yourself in the direction you want, you need to focus on this aspect of your personality. This is where you have hope to permanently change certain aspects of your thinking and behavior and achieve the desired goals.

How can you be aware of the core personality hidden within you like the essence hidden in the trunk of a tree? How can you identify and understand it? How did you get to know him? 

I am not talking about self-realization in a spiritual sense, but only self-awareness in a psychological sense. 

It is to know and be yourself so that you are always aware of who you are and where you stand in any problem, relationship or problem situation.

Everyone is endowed with a certain self-awareness or self-concept. However, in most cases it is tainted by cognitive errors such as generalizations and self-induced delusions. To unravel the code of the soul, one must cultivate a very objective, realistic and rational awareness of oneself, free from biases, assumptions and erroneous conclusions.

You can do this by being honest with yourself and by paying attention to your main thoughts, fears, desires, and hopes. You will be successful in that endeavor when you shift your focus from external to internal, and know your goals and motivations and who you want to be. 

Many people don't have that clarity. They live life as if they were victims of circumstances or oppressed by the forces of the world. The truth is, they give up their control and give in to their own fear and passivity.

If you want to know who you are, what your goals should be, how you should live your life or what you should do with your natural talents and God-given gifts, you have to focus on your essential personality. You must know your strengths and weaknesses, your potential, opportunities, limitations, and main fears, and where life is waiting to unlock its richest treasures for you. You have to be careful about what impression you make on other people's minds, and how they remember you in your absence.

Therefore, spend more time, knowing yourself, being yourself. Find your soul code to be true and honest with yourself and consistent with your goals, values, beliefs, and relationships. With that knowledge you can build self-esteem and confidence in yourself. 

If you are consistent in your thoughts, decisions, and actions, people will respect you and consider you trustworthy and reliable. They will develop respect for you and a belief in your basic honesty because they see that your words and actions are correlated and that you are transparent enough to be reliable.

Therefore, pay attention to your internal world. Know who you are and uncover the code of your soul. Know that even if you cannot overcome the past or the limitations imposed on you by Nature or circumstances, you can always change aspects of your core personality, if necessary, by knowing your main thoughts and desires and adapting to them. By finding them and connecting them, you can uncover your destiny that is connected within you. 

One of the keys to achieving success in life is knowing your soul code or what drives you and makes you happy. That's where the script of your life is hidden and where your true destiny awaits.