{hinduloka} $title={Table Content} Mother Ganges in Yoga Shakti

Yoga-Shakti is the transformative power of consciousness, love and joy that pulsates behind the power of Nature and the source of life. The key to physical, psychological and spiritual well-being consists in awakening this Shakti in our own minds and hearts and letting it flow like a river, permeating our daily experiences of pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow, or just the activities necessary to sustain our lives. When Shakti illuminates our outer being, everything we do moves with a certain grace, filtering out higher wisdom and joy to propel us forward in our spiritual quest.

The path followed by a yogini moves like the flow of a river, its continuity carrying the divine power and bringing it to the inner experience through the harmony of the universe. Her sacred journey mimics the Divine feminine play at every level of consciousness. As a dedicated Tantric or mystic, he felt and embodied subtle nuances of Nature’s majesty, innate wisdom, and gentle nurturing.

The river flow is a meditative study of life, flowing out of the water that drips in Mother Earth’s womb at birth, flowing down a very high waterfall in the joys of childhood and meandering through the stream of youth. As an adult, the calm and stable current of the river finally finds its tranquility in a deep niche in the waters of the sea. The river overcomes the peace and fury of the natural atmosphere, clouding its pure waters from rainstorms and collecting debris for its embankments to preserve the land. But at its peak, the river reflects the clarity and bliss of the vast ocean in its calm finality.

Tantric vision perceives the whole universe as a configuration of energetic pyramids encompassing various worlds through various levels of vibration; each level expresses a certain quality in relation to the inherent aspect of consciousness. At the top of this powerful energy pyramid lies the abode of the highest cosmic power or divine Shakti . The power of Shakti consciousness , the Goddess in her passionate expression, enhances the play of every cosmic realm, through the creation and preservation of all her existence.

Yogini is connected to the primal Shakti as Mother Earth, Nature, cosmic space, holy water, divine Grace and prosperity through her dance with divinity, enveloping love, forgiveness, kindness, open mind and devotion. He values ​​every aspect of life, legitimizing both the passion and the pain that describe one's existence. Yogini encompasses the threshold of life experience through a careful depiction of the exhilarating celebration of worldly existence.

In the tradition of Kaula Shakta , bhoga , the experience of pleasure and joy, finds its expression in yoga, where all negativity takes on the attributes of pure perception. The Goddess is called Bhogini , the 'supreme connoisseur', the Goddess who truly enjoys every aspect of the experience, reflecting every aspect of the myriad of universal life. He holds the senses , the rejuvenating power inherent in Tanmatra , the subtle essence of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, the influence of the senses that color the flow of grace and give beauty and fulfillment to our lives.

Respecting our own inner purity deepens our awareness of the Self, harnessing the aura of divinity through observing, healing, rejuvenating, restoring and celebrating our core existence. Desires and hopes abound in our daily lives enhancing our worldly attributes but slowly dragging us into the vortex of entropy and externality. The key to physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well -being lies in modulating our external needs to align with our inner needs, harnessing the power of the mind and heart. It requires us to let go of worldly pessimism and hostility out of compassion for ourselves and respect for the dignity and independence of others.

Realizing the light of eternal love behind the smoke of every temporary desire, one creates an awareness of eternal joy, supreme happiness, and boundless beauty. Yogini does not negate the disturbed external manifestation, but accepts it gracefully, letting it dissolve on its own. He uses his inner wisdom to move through this web of entangling illusions. All satisfaction and pleasure is experienced as energy by the inner power of consciousness which is always satisfied in itself.

The Goddess is the highest ecstasy of Self -realization, in which the personal self fades like skin from around a seed. As an expression of the supreme joy, he draws us with an inner allure from the light of consciousness, freeing us from the shackles of shackles into the folds of liberation. He exudes taste, radiance and inner elegance, in every expression of life; whether it's a great personal achievement or a great natural disaster.

A Yogini learns to navigate the waves of life as an expert surfer, as if the waves were part of the vast waters of the ocean, both turbulent and calm in movement. 

Waves are the reality of the ocean, not separate entities. Usually we see the waves and miss the sea. But the waves are the sea. The spiral movement of life consists of always returning to the eternal presence after birth and death, a movement covered by a greater silence that cannot be reduced. Tantra in the true sense requires an Absolute search in every object, and every person who realizes the inner truth of existence becomes one with the universal Self and accepts the flow of life as a display of one's true nature.

As a Yogini, one learns to adore all that is painful, passionate and transformative on the inside and to embrace their outer reflections as well. Opening the heart through devotion, belief, and silence born of Nature, we create a temple space for universal mysticism to reveal its paradoxical drama. The brightness of our inner light radiates the true desires of our hearts, not just the murky desires of the selfish self. A person's pure nature is the expression of the highest pleasure or ' pritih ', the joy of personified love.

The Cosmic Waters of Mother Ganga

The power of Mother Nature reveals the divine secrets of life through five great elements. As we learn to train our inner eyes to understand and approach our being with inner vision, we reach the core of our reality, which is our spiritual yoga perception. But of the five elements, only water is the element of life that allows consciousness to be reflected and feelings to be maintained. 

Cosmic water is not just a material element but the underlying happiness or Ananda from which everything arises and to which everything returns. All existence is a flow of cosmic water both as a material manifestation and as a spiritual reality. In the coolness that flows through the mind and heart, we find beauty, peace, serenity and joy.

It is these cosmic waters, with their emerald sapphire, cool and transformative colors that we find in the Ganges before reaching the plains of our earthly existence. Mother Ganga as soon as she is called to lovingly open the poetic text of the sincere desire of every sadhaka , as soon as one enters its waters and surrenders to the movement of its flow.

The heart of a yogini seeks divinity not only in the waters of the earth but also through the heavenly waters. The perception of yoga considers all media of expression as waves of deeper consciousness, be it the flow of a river, the turbulent waves of the sweeping sea, the calm water of a mountain lake or the water of our inevitable life force and taste or divinity. rejuvenating rubber. 

We are inside and surrounded by various currents of cosmic waters. Our spiritual life is an entry into this mystical stream, where our minds and hearts merge into its depths, releasing the outer waves of differentiation.

Meditating on the flow of a river is a natural form of sadhana , a ‘spiritual endeavor’ that draws one into a heavenly whirlpool, maneuvering beyond the waves of the illusory path of life. 

Flowering Waters

The essence of a yogini's flowering stretches through his sacred space. The power of the Goddess is the extraordinary greatness that symbolizes the soul of each flower, opening us to the flower of a delightful atmospheric space in the heavenly waters from which comes the rain of happiness. A yogini manifests the Goddess as a flowing force, as a spontaneous flower of spatial waters arising from acceptance, openness, and serenity.

The divine feminine power showers a person with the blessing of 'flowers', both in and around us. All creativity consists of 'flowers' in the waters of space. The universe, the celestial heavens, the planets, the Sun and the Moon are all 'cosmic flowers of light', recording their movements in space, the vortex of Shakti , the innate energy that creates flower-like patterns, mystical designs, and celestial landscapes. The blossoming of spiritual essence manifests as a sacred flower throughout the world. Even clouds collect energy flowers in the atmosphere, raining their essence on the earth.

Mother Ganga brings with it a natural wealth of medicinal properties that melt from pure glaciers, flowing through mountain gorges and fertile plains, eventually offering its abundance to vast expanses of sea. The ocean itself, in its waves and tides, is an overflow of water flora in the essence of Soma , the ‘ Nectar of Amrita ’. The higher self , our atman is the highest flower of divinity. 

In his majesty, he brings forth the fullness of the lotus from our delicate body. Shakti is the grace in the lotus that produces and unlocks the power of the Self as a cosmic prana that fills our spiritual blossom with its life force.

During a strong sadhana at the grace of the Ganges , we will diligently seduce the Goddess by creating an ocean of happiness, allowing emotions to express themselves in a strong stream of Bhakti .

Bhakti yoga is not just an emotional expression. Bhakti yoga is based on a deep philosophy, elegance and dynamic movements respecting divinity as an inner and outer aspect of spirituality. Bhakti opens the art of devotion, creating and maintaining a poetic beauty that develops through music, dance and prose. Bhakti gently entices the heart to sweet surrender with a spirit of freedom, inspiring our familiar existence with holy intentions, serenity and pride. 

Bhakti is a stream of water of inspiration, returning to its source in the heart

The expression of self -surrender finds itself through sacred offerings and intuitive rituals associated with universal elements. The flowers given in the ritual have a meaning and a painful power that goes far beyond mere ceremonial flowers. In a deeper sense, we always offer to the Goddess or the Supreme Realm the flower of our own life, whether it is the flower of devotion or the flower of moha and maya (delusion and illusion). 

Sadhana or divine obedience gives us a perceptive and deep understanding of the journey of life. Through layered mystical encounters emerges an inner consciousness as in a deeper flowering.

Ganga Sadhana

The eclectic flow of the Ganges produces Yoga Shakti , enjoying the charm of intimacy. Its energy evokes the turmoil of the soul, guiding one to turn around to the main source. The rushing current of Mother Ganges rotates the candidate to the center of her creation as she senses our readiness for a higher realm of heavenly ecstasy.

Every sadhaka learns to harness their divinity through healing, rejuvenation, and celebrating a life in harmony with the goodness of Nature.

We move through the gentle hardness of Bhuta Shuddhi , the Vedic ritual of purifying the mind, prana and senses in the aura of the river. Someone there respects the heavenly realm of the Ganges with arati, a hymn praising the cosmic power accompanied by a radiance of light. Their arati offerings hum the divinity both in the sacred stream of the river and the river of his existence, begging for the blessings of the great Divine power.

Calming the senses creates a foundation for calming oneself from external anxieties and releasing stagnant energy from the outside world, so that we can easily flow inward. 

Silence is a serenity that rejuvenates and energizes our intrinsic holistic nature. Silence restores, restrains, and enhances our prana or life force. 

The spiritual silence that develops through contemplative sadhana is the calm after a storm. Only when we learn to face the storm gracefully will we appreciate the serenity of being still in serenity.

We direct ourselves to be immersed in body and soul with the purity and healing power of the holy river. Nature reveals its own elegance as we learn to sanctify the five elements in and around us. Worshiping the basic elements of our personality allows Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether to inspire us with their cosmic energy, but in the process water is the connecting link and transformative flow.

A full moon night in calm meditation can set the heart to resonate with the sound of the river flow, contemplate the reflection of the moon in the water, absorb the mystical steam while feeling the night breeze and sand beneath the feet of a goddess. Nature has a real effect on our sensitivity, once we let go of our thoughts, forget the world and remember our eternal Mother.

We must learn to let our inner rivers, channels, currents and pulses of the soul flow again with all its vigor. Let the pure grace of Mother Ganges flow within and all that is impure or miserable will quickly be swept away into the stream of eternal pleasure. 

Let us join together in creating a harmonious, conscious and spiritually growing existence through the awakening of the higher Self, empowering the divine grace within.