{hinduloka} $title={Table Content} Easy Ways to Practice Deep Concentration and Attention

In deep concentration, one becomes connected to the creative spirit of the great universe, and the creative energy then flows through it, bringing creations into form.

In deep concentration, the mind becomes in tune with the infinite and registers the cosmic intelligence and receives its messages. A person will become so full of cosmic energy that he is completely inundated with divine power.

This is the most desirable state. That's when we realize the benefits of connecting with the superconscious. Super consciousness registers higher cosmic vibrations. It is often referred to as a wireless station, the recorded message comes from the universal mind. 

Very few reach this stage of concentration. Very few know that it is possible. They think concentration means restriction on one subject, but it is the deeper concentration that brings us into harmony with the Infinite that is productive and useful in many ways including for physical and mental health therapy .

When a person is in contact with his super-consciousness, he becomes the controller of his mind. What came to him was higher than the mind of an ordinary man. This is often referred to as Cosmic Consciousness. Once experienced it will never be forgotten.

We can direct the expression of almost Infinite power while in a deeper state of concentration.

Like sunlight, when focused on an object through a focusing glass, it generates heat many times stronger. When we focus on an object, every action, both intentional and unintentional, leads to the attainment of that object. If we will focus our energy on something to the exclusion of everything else, we generate a force that can lead us to what we want. When we focus our mind, we increase its power. 

There may be less to do with regard to physical work, perhaps due to the high-tech age in which the world has moved, but this has been replaced by work that requires our mental attention or concentration. Our daily lifestyle requires a state of mind that can maintain concentration on the right priorities, if we are to stay on track that is expected of us by others and, most importantly, what we expect of ourselves.

For many of us, maintaining a consistent level of concentration is difficult because of the demands we may face in our daily lives. So trying to maintain concentration can in itself, be a source of stress, as we struggle with our minds to keep them focused on the business at hand. Such stress is even more pronounced if one is functioning at a purely intellectual level in life, without the support and relief that God's spiritual presence in one's mind can provide to a superficial level trying to maintain concentration.

There are two basic forms of concentration practice available, intellectual and spiritual. Most people function only on an intellectual level and that includes many individuals who profess some kind of religious belief. In the vast majority of cases of such believers, God is only involved in the most difficult of times.

However, when individuals maintain their concentration on the spiritual level, the lesser stimuli that attract attention to the personal ego level of the mind are left behind, so that the mind's attention can train itself on the immediate thing at hand.

Ordinary intellectual powers of concentration have benefits; however, if concentration is aided by the spiritual level of our mind or more specifically by the Presence of God within us, then the power of concentration can become much more effective and powerful. If we can truly surrender our personal will to God, to be replaced by God's Will for us, then all the powers of our mind, including our powers of concentration, will be empowered by God within us.

The exercises are boring and monotonous, but they are useful. If you persist in it, you will find it very valuable, because it increases your power of concentration.

Remember, an important condition of concentration is the ability to shut out the mind from the outside, whatever is foreign to the subject. Now, to control the intention, first gain control over the body. It must be brought under the direct control of the mind; the mind is under the control of the will.

The will, which is strong enough to do whatever it wants, is done by being aware of it.

The mind can be greatly strengthened by being under the direct influence of desire. When the mind is properly strengthened by volitional impulses, it becomes a more powerful transmitter of thought, because it has greater power.

The best time to concentrate is after getting something inspiring. Then that's when it's time to be ready for deep concentration.

Whenever you concentrate, believe that it is success. Hold on to this feeling and let nothing distract you and you will soon find that you have become a master of concentration. You will find that practice will be invaluable to you, and you will quickly learn to achieve whatever you do. 

First of all it is necessary to train the body to obey the commands of the mind.

Basic Concentration Exercises

Exercise 1 - Sit Still

Sit in a comfortable chair and see how you can stay still. It's not as easy as it looks. You should focus on sitting still. Watch and see that you are not making any involuntary muscle movements. 

With a little practice, you will find that you can sit still without moving any muscles for five minutes. At first sit in a relaxed position for five minutes. Once you can stay still, increase the time to ten minutes and then to fifteen. This is as long as needed. But never force yourself to remain silent. You have to be completely relaxed. You will find this relaxing habit very good.

Exercise 2 - Patience

Fill a small glass full of water, and hold it with one hand; put your arms right in front of you. Now look in the mirror and try to keep the arm steady so that no movement is visible. Do this first for a moment and then increase to five minutes. Do the exercise with one hand first and then the other.

Exercise 3 - Control of Muscle Movement

Place the right hand on the knee, little finger, ring finger and thumb closed / united, while the index finger and middle finger are open pointing forward (forming the Prana Mudra). 

Then move the two fingers open forward slowly from side to side, keeping attention on the fingertips. The main thing to remember that attention should be strictly on the moving parts. You will keep your attention you don't want to be controlled to turn to something more interesting. This is where the practice comes in value, and you have to control your attention and see that it stays in the right place and the mind doesn't wander.

You may think this exercise is very simple and useless, but I assure you in no time you will see that you have better control over your muscle movements, demeanor, attitude, and you will find that you have increased the power of your attention, and can focus your mind on what you are doing, which of course will be invaluable. 

No matter what you may be doing, don't let your attention be distracted from the work you are doing. Your attention may rebel, but control it and don't let it control you. Once you have conquered the rebels' attention, you have achieved a greater victory than you could have realized at the time. Do not choose interesting objects, because they require little attention. The less interesting it is, the better the practice. After a little practice, you'll find that you can focus on uninteresting subjects at will.

A person who can concentrate can gain complete control over his body and mind and become the master of his tendencies, not his slaves.

When you can control yourself, you can control others. You can develop the Will that will make you more than someone who has no will power.

Try your Power of Will in different ways until you have it under such control that as soon as you decide to do something, you go ahead and do it. 

Exercise 4 - Attention to the Sense of Smell

Concentration by increasing the Sense of Smell. When you take a walk, or drive in the country, or pass a flower garden, concentrate on the scent of flowers and plants. See how many different types you can detect. Then choose one particular type and try to feel just this. You will find that this greatly intensifies the sense of smell. 

However, this distinction requires special attention. When the sense of smell is being developed, you must close not only from mind every thought but also smells except your mind for the time being, in order to concentrate.

Exercise 5 - Concentrate on Sleeping

What is known as the water method, although very simple, is very effective in inducing sleep. Place a full glass of clear water on the table in your bedroom. Sit in a chair by the table and look at a glass of water and think about how calm it is. 

Then draw yourself, entering an equally serene state. In no time you will find your nerves calm down and you will be able to fall asleep.

Those who have trouble with insomnia will find this nerve-soothing sleep exercise very effective.

Exercise 6 - Controlling emotions

If you are one of those who flare up at the slightest "provocation" and never try to control yourself, think about this for a second. Will it do me any good? Did you get anything with it? Doesn't that make me lose my cool for some time?

Everyone makes mistakes and, instead of getting angry at the culprit, just say to them, "Be more careful next time."

This thought will impress them and they will be more careful. However, if you constantly complain about their mistakes, the thoughts of those mistakes will be negatively ingrained in them in the future. All lack of self-control can be conquered if you will learn to concentrate.

Exercise 7 - Reflection Concentration

Make two marks on your mirror at eye level, and think of it as two human eyes looking into your eyes. Your eyes may blink a little at first. Don't move your head, just stand straight. 

Concentrate all thoughts to keep your head still. Don't let other thoughts enter your mind. 

Then, keeping your head, eyes, and body calm, think that you look like a reliable person; like someone anyone would trust. Don't let your appearance be an excuse for commenting or self-assessment. 

While standing in front of the mirror, practice deep breathing. Note that there is plenty of fresh air in the room, and you really enjoy it until it feels like it permeates every cell, your fear will go away. It has been replaced by a sense of peace and strength. People who stand seem to have control over the muscles of the face and eyes with attention. Three minutes a day is sufficient for these exercises.

Exercise 8 - Sensation Control

Think about how you would feel if you were fresh; then how would you feel if you were cold; again, how would you feel if it froze. In this state you will feel chills. 

Now think of the opposite condition; builds a heat image so vivid that you can feel the sensation of heat even in the coldest atmosphere. 

It is possible to exercise your imagination until you do this, and then it can be turned into a practical account in making unwanted conditions bearable.

You can think of many excellent exercises like this one. For example, when you experience hunger, don't increase it by thinking about it, but do something to distract yourself, and the hunger will seem less. If you begin to practice along these lines systematically, you will soon gain tremendous control over the things that affect your physical comfort.


Exercise 9 - Controlling Desire

Desire, which is one of the most difficult forces to control, will give you an excellent concentration practice. 

It seems natural for one to want to tell others what he knows; however, learning to control these desires can greatly strengthen the power of concentration. 

If you hear good news, resist the urge to tell it to the first person you meet and you will benefit from it. 

It will require the concentration of all your resisting powers to forbid the urge to tell. Once you feel that you have complete control over your desires, you can then tell your story. But you must be able to suppress the urge to deliver the news until you are really ready to deliver it.

People who don't have the power to control their urges tend to say things they shouldn't, thus often involving themselves and others in unnecessary trouble.

If you're used to getting excited when you hear bad news, control yourself and accept it without the exclamation point. Tell yourself, "Nothing will make me lose control of myself".

Concentration Power

If you have practiced the above exercises, you have now developed this power of concentration to some extent and therefore you have faith in the power of concentration.

Never think you will not succeed, but imagine that what you want will be yours, and you will definitely get it.

Have you ever felt insecure about yourself? 

If you do, ask yourself, which self do I not trust? 

Then say; "my higher self is unaffected". Then think of the extraordinary power of the higher self. 

There is a way to overcome all difficulties, and it is a pleasure for the human soul to do so.

Most of our problems are just imaginary, and it's the mental habit of being very afraid that really acts as a magnet in attracting them to come. You will find it helpful in overcoming self-doubt and thus you will be closer to a higher Self , which you may never have believed in.